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Job Summary:  The Director of Operations for the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program (DPT) is a full-time employee. Full-time employment is based on 40 hours per week. Evening and weekend hours may be occasionally required.  This position is responsible to the Program Director of the DPT Program for directing and managing operations of the Program.

Primary Functions
1. Works in collaboration with the Program Director to manage the operations, budget, personnel and facilities within the DPT Program;
2. Oversees and supervises work of DPT Program Administrative Coordinator;
3. Provides assistance and support to the Program Director in problem solving, project planning and management;
4. Advises the Program Director, Directors, and Faculty regarding the strategic plan, operations, budget, personnel and facilities;
5. Coordinates all related travel for the DPT Program Directors, Core faculty and adjuncts;
6. Develops financial, personnel and facility reports for internal and external bodies, including external accrediting bodies;
7. Prepares spreadsheets/reports/surveys for data analysis and monitoring of all financial resources, including operations, personnel, and revenue;
8. Serves as central contact with institutional and academic administration on operations, budget, personnel and facilities;
9. Orders all equipment and manages equipment budget for the DPT Program;
10. Oversees and coordinates the preventative maintenance schedule for all DPT Program equipment;
11. Plans, manages and directs the onsite lab intensive sessions for the DPT Program, including construction/deconstruction of labs and coordination of moving equipment;
12. Plans, manages and directs the information and instructional technology in the DPT Program;
13. Plans, manages and updates the DPT Program website in collaboration with Communications and Marketing and Information Technology services;
14. Holds signatory authority for the Program Director in the daily operations of the college and uses discretional judgment to act on the Program Director's behalf in resolving issues with routine operations;
15. Ensures compliance with institution and College personnel and fiscal policies.
16. Assists with budgetary aspects of annual accreditation reporting and self-study accreditation;
17. Communicates with Evidence in Motion for ongoing support of the DPT program.

Secondary Functions
1. Attends DPT Program faculty and staff meetings as appropriate;
2. Attends all lab immersions;
3. Serves as additional support for the DPT Program Directors when needed;
4. Performs other duties as assigned.

Service Responsibilities
1. Serves on DPT Program, and if appropriate, Hanover College committees;
2. Participates in DPT Program community service projects.

Professional Responsibilities
1. Supports the mission, goals and objectives of the DPT Program;
2. Participates in appropriate national, state and local professional and scientific organizations;
3. Develops and maintains professional relationships with all administrators, faculty, staff and students in the DPT Program and other Departments of Hanover College;
4. Conducts oneself in a positive and professional manner as a representative of the DPT Program and Hanover College;
5. Adheres to all DPT Program and Hanover College policies and procedures.

Professional Development Responsibilities
1. Completes a minimum of one professional development activity annually;
2. Prepares an annual portfolio of accomplishments.

Education and Experience
Master's degree preferred or bachelor's degree with documented experience as a director of operations in a service-oriented department or program. The Director of Operations for the DPT Program must demonstrate the following knowledge, skill and abilities to perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation, using some other combination of knowledge, skill and ability.
1. Experience in logistics, budget, information technology, problems solving, and coordinating multiple projects;
2. Fluent skills in Microsoft office 365 including: Excel, Word and PowerPoint
3. Knowledge of accounting principles and fiscal management;
4. Knowledge of budgetary reporting, financial management and presentation;
5. Knowledge of human resources management practices;
6. Knowledge of the higher education environment, particularly in a health-related area.
7. Knowledge of Hanover College policies and procedures;
8. Knowledge of facilities management;
9. Ability to exercise sound judgment throughout challenging situations, conflict, multiple priorities through completion, problem solving
10. Ability to interpret and apply policies and guidelines effectively and accurately;
11. Ability to work independently and collaboratively
12. Ability to exercise discretion, confidentiality and judgment in dealing with sensitive issues;
13. Ability to respond to changing priorities and crisis situations;
14. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with various internal and external constituents; demonstrate exceptional communication skills and strong work ethic

The Director of Operations for the DPT Program must possess the essential physical functions of the job to ensure the proper assembly and disassembly of all equipment needed for the lab immersions. The equipment may include audio video equipment, (TV monitors, microphones, computers), clinical equipment (mat tables, free weights, BOSU balls), and cadaver related equipment (human specimens, plastinated models, skeletons) for the lab immersions.
1. Ability to lift/push/pull greater than or equal to 50 pounds regularly for assembly and disassembly of equipment;
2. Frequently lift/pull/push heavier weights (up to 100 pounds) for assembly and disassembly of necessary equipment;
3. Ensure proper preparation and set-up of lab immersion equipment;
4. Organize and over-see the preparation and arrangement of all snacks and beverages

This position has been closed and is no longer available.
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